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22/23/24 May , 2020 | île de La Réunion
Talks & Demos


2020 May 22 Friday
“Reunion Island – Local Time”

08:00 am
Art oratoire en conference REUNION

“Farzad Felezzi”


Farzad Felezzi is a speaker of enthusiasm, a consultant and trainer for companies and institutions, visionary and innovative, Farzad Felezzi invites you in the peaceful setting of the islands of the Indian Ocean, to live extraordinary moments that put the human being at the heart of performance, professional efficiency and collaborative engineering.

09:00 AM

“Leo Petersen-Khmelnitski”



As Digital Asset Live Editor-in-Chief, Leo Khmelnitski has conducted many interviews with movers and shakers engaged in blockchain adoptions in the global energy sector. Leo is a researcher with the National Oil Institute, aspiring to do a PhD reseach on tokenization of mineral rights. He is also an Advisor at Ziyen Energy, a US-based issuer of security tokens for traditional and renewable energy operators. Leo Khmelnitski will present a review of current trends in blockchain adoptions for Smart Energy

10:00 AM
Minage/Baking Tezos

“Sébastien Choukroun”


I support users, particularly large accounts in the financial sector, who wish to discover and use the Tezos blockchain operationally.

10:00 Am
Planet Start-up RWANDA

“Gratien Mukeshimana”


I am an investor that invests in global projects that can better a society’s quality of life

10:00 Am
Head of Sales Department at

“Kirill Mishanin”


Building sales network via Web partners and Regional Representatives for Bitcoin Cloud Mining, ASIC plus hosting solutions, onboarding residence to FEZ worldwide.

11:00 AM
blockchain researcher KENYA

“Benjamin Arunda”


I currently Head the Education and Training Strategy of the Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK), and Blockchain Research. I am the former East Africa Ambassador

12:00 AM
Artificial Intelligence Innov-ai REUNION

“Jimmitry Payet”

MentDB Weak is a real development platform to reachtheSmartEarth (technically: a World Wide Data)! AI + SOA + ETL + ESB + WebAPP + Database = MentDB Weak = all in one

2:00 PM
Artificial Intelligence INDIA

“Gokul Alex”


I have deep knowledge and hands on experience on designing and developing products, platforms, services, solutions and proof of concepts on Artificial Intelligence

3:00 PM
LegalTech FRANCE

“Michelle Abraham”


Avocat (Business Lawyer), Bitcoin & Blockchain enthusiast, Lecturer, author of articles on

3:00 PM
Legaltech NIGERIA

“Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo”


Head,Crypto-asset Capital Formation Practice @

3:00 PM
Legaltech SUISSE

“Alexis Roussel”


Cryptocurrencies, digital assets, blockchain strategic advisor and executive

4:00 PM

“Clement Francomme”

After a career as IT Manager in the UK, Clément Francomme has founded Utocat in 2014.

5:00 PM

“Naji Bouchiba”
“Nelly Chatue Diop”

XHUMANISA integrates technological and strategic solutions adapted to each local context, based on a disruptive model.

5:00 PM

“Gilles Cadignan”

Bitcoin as a global Notary.
Gilles will be presenting how his company Woleet is using Bitcoin since 2016 to secure data with digital signature and timestamping, by generating universal, legally binding and tampered-proof evidences.

6:00 PM

“Christophe Carminati”

Co-founder of ContractChain | Electronic Blockchain-Signature | To be (finally) sure of what you sign

7:00 PM

“Adrien Hubert”


COO at SmartChain | Research in Blockchain, Micro-Incentive, Economics and Game Theory | Co-founder of Coin Capital

8:00 PM
LegalTech FRANCE

“Karima Lachgar”


8:00 PM

“Mathieu Gorge”

VigiTrust is an award winning SaaS Integrated Risk management (IRM) solutions enabling its clients in 120 countries in the hospitality, retail, transportation, higher education, Government, Healthcare

8:00 PM

“Joshua Hawley”

Digital Assets; Legal & Business Framework in Mauritius.


2020 May 23 Saturday
“Reunion Island – Local Time”

09:00 am
Biomimicry POLYNESIE

“François Briant”

He is focusing on the combined effects of Artificial and Natural Intelligence. Taking the best of Cognitive Computing, Biomimicry and Internet of Things methodologies

10:00 am
Biomimétisme FRANCE

“Alain Renaudin”

Founding President NewCorp Conseil and Biomim’expo

12:00 am
IA & chatbot REUNION

“Tommy Montegu”

Fondateur chez AllDamnLife – IA & ChatBot

3:00 Pm
Cybersécurité et Blockchain FRANCE

“Frédéric Martin”

Decentralized identity, secure Ethereum/Solidity smart contracts and simplified administration tools

3:00 Pm

“Thierry Rakotovao”


4:00 Pm
Cybersécurité FRANCE

“Antoine Ferron”

Specific infosec consulting. Access, Payments, Blockchain Security systems design and review. Analysis and improving cryptographic implementations

5:00 Pm
10.000 Codeurs


“Douglas Mbiandou”

By 2025, to insert in each of the 54 countries of the Continent +10,000 computer scientists and make Africa the lung of the world digital industry.

5:00 Pm
HaiRun & Smart Predict

“Ranto Andriambololona”


HaiRun Technology is an ESN (Entreprise de Services du Numérique) based in Madagascar, specialized in the design and development of web projects.

SmartPredict has been developed to solve all your AI challenges, process your data, easily train your AI models, etc.

6:00 Pm
Certification Diplôme FRANCE


“Nicolas Dupouy”

BCdiploma is designed to guarantee the highest level of reliability on the market. BCdiploma’s encryption algorithm, coupled with data storage on the Ethereum blockchain,

7:00 Pm
Réalité Virtuelle VR/MR/AR SUISSE

“Jean-Philippe Sangare”


Founder & CEO SSVAR < Sci-Tech | Sci-Fi | Lecturer | #AlternateWorldNews />


2020 May 24 Sunday
“Reunion Island – Local Time”

09:00 am

“Lusakula Adel”

Internship Student chez Sabena technics French

10:00 am

“Rémi Albert”

The Company FLY-R (AC-Innov) develops innovative rhomboidal UAVs and the Company DSOI proposes professional services related to Drones and Advanced Air Mobility. These two sister companies are based on Reunion Island.

11:00 am
Spatial ANGOLA


“Eldrige De Melo”
“Marco Romero”

OUR VISION is to employ the creativity and vigour of youth in advancing humanity through the peaceful uses of space

12:00 am
DRONE Think Do Founder / Chairman’


“Dr. David Meszaros”
“Robert Delhaye”

Law & Finance | AI & Drones | Blockchain & Fintech | Corporate Services & Banking | Tech Consulting

12:00 am
NanoSatellite Afrique du Sud


“Dr. Ifriky Tadadjeu”

Founder at Nanosatellite Missions Design

1:00 Pm
Intelligence Artificielle STRONG REUNION

“Jimmitry Payet”

Lisa is an artificial consciousness program developed on the MentDB Strong server. She has unconscious mechanisms, or neither.

2:00 Pm
Machine Learning FRANCE

“Urszula Czerwinska”

Today leading ML and IA projects as Data Science Consultant chez Saegus pour nos clients de CAC40.

3:00 Pm
Immobilier FRANCE

“Bilal El Alamy”

Equisafe has the mission to make accessible investment opportunities at scale. Invest Anytime, Anywhere.

4:00 Pm
Hotellerie FRANCE

“Vidal Chriqui”

BTU is the crypto of purchasing power. The BTU protocol is the most widely used blockchain protocol used by professionals to give purchasing power back to their customers, business partners and employees.

5:00 Pm

“Pierre Hebting”

CryptoSport est un moyen simple, rapide et sans engagement pour financer l’activité sportive de vos collaborateurs.

6:00 Pm

“Alpesh Doshi”

Alpesh is an innovative and dynamic thought leader and Entrepreneur in how
organisations can transform and future-proof their business using emerging
technologies, particularly around Blockchain digital, big data & analytics

7:00 Pm
Assets Tokenization


“François De Chezelles”

Investments such as equity, bonds, funds or real estate, can be made drastically simpler and cheaper with the right tokenization tools. We will introduce TALIUM ASSETS, an advanced SaaS solution enabling you to easily raise money, invest, or ‘Be Your Own Investment Bank’.

8:00 Pm
Discothèque CLUB VR SUISSE


SURPRISE VR PARTY 8PM to Midnite …..

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